Real Estate Transaction Management

Contract to Close

Our transaction management team gives you peace of mind that every step of the transaction is completed on time and professionally.

Having experience as a licensed Realtor, I understand what it is like to be in your shoes. I know the importance of effective communication and the urgency of deadlines. "Time is of the essence, “a standard clause found in most real estate contracts is also an appropriate slogan for your business. Real estate transactions are loaded with deadlines-for inspections, disclosures, loan commitment and closing, to name a few. When a Realtor has more than one transaction under way at a time, which is common, it is challenging to continue running your business and attending to transaction details. This is where the real estate transaction coordinator comes in. We manage all minute details of each transaction to ensure the transaction progresses smoothly. We understand how stressful the moving process is for your clients and are sensitive to their needs.

We offer the following and so much more!

  • Create a customized closing checklist just for buyers and sellers
  • Manage all closing documents from ratification to closing
  • Create and maintain calendar of details and deadlines.
  • Provide all the communication involved in the transaction such as phone calls, emails, scheduling appointments and any other details during the transaction
  • Maintain a communication and correspondence log
  • Keep everyone informed of all the details

The following customizable closing checklist outlines the basic services we provide however we are not limited to just these items

  • Review contract for signatures and ensure all disclosure are in the package
  • Ensure escrow has been opened and all parties have received the appropriate signed documents
  • Record deadlines on calendar and include introduction email
  • Personalized email Introduction to all parties involved
  • Personalized phone call introduction to client and other parties
  • Personalized emails to client keeping them informed every step of the way
  • Association Documents:  order, deliver and obtain receipt of
  • Confirm and verify appraisal has been ordered
  • Order Termite accordingly
  • Ensure Contingency removals are signed and on file according to deadlines
  • Scheduling and follow up on inspections, walk-through's, closings, and any other appointments
  • Communicate with Closing Company to ensure they have all the documents needed for closing
  • Assist client in obtaining the appropriate information in preparation for a timely closing
  • Personalized email reminder to client including utility transfer information and closing information
  • Communicate lender regularly for updates on buyers financing
  • Obtain HUD prior to closing, review for accuracy and to agent for review
  • Be available by phone and/or email to all parties during business hours
  • Verify funding and recording with settlement agent and inform all parties
  • Be available to your client to guide them through the closing process and answer their questions
  • Obtain final signed HUD and close out file accordingly

Agent responsibilities:

  • Provide software needed to manage your transactions in a professional manner
  • Acquaint your client with our relationship
  • Provide a copy of the fully ratified contract
  • Communicate changes: We want to know as much as you do about the transaction
  • Encourage client to call and email us
  • Call and touch base with your client a day or two before closing and attend the scheduled walk-thru and closing

Let us take care of the details so you don’t have to!

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